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4 comments Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wedding Photography by Edelle Ryan Macalandag






For more photos, please visit my flickr account.

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4 comments Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedding Photography by Ryan Macalandag
Dauis, Bohol, Philippines



















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0 comments Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding Photography by Ryan Macalandag
Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines

Mart & Jev_-47

Mart and Jev are both friends of mine back from Youth for Christ days (so long a time ago). They've become Singles for Christ and now, Couples for Christ since they're married.

All our YFC and SFC friends were there including our ever trusty Tito's and Tita's who are the couple's godparents for the wedding -- and everyone else's wedding including mine and the rest of the Fotomoments team, too.

The choir were all YFC/SFCs headed by Munel and Balong. It was like a reunion of sorts really. Even Sigfried who came in from Singapore for another wedding, was present. Even Stephen was there with his girlfriend! Everyone was there. To the delight of the couple.

Mart & Jev_-8

So, anyways, there we were at Bohol Tropics Resort at ten in the morning to shoot the preps. I was relieved to find my favorite wedding suppliers around -- EJ Relampagos and Henry Baron for the clothes; Donald and his team for the make-up.

Mart & Jev_-29

Mart & Jev_-18

Mart & Jev_-11

Jev was just stunning, lovely. Her dress immaculate and her make-up was just perfect. Her mom could never be happier.

Mart & Jev_-24

Mart & Jev_-32

Mart & Jev_-21

Jev walked down the long aisle of Baclayon Church. It was funny looking at all the tourists all over the sidelines watching and snapping photos as the bride walked on by. This church is a crucial stop for the "Bohol Tour" and so weddings won't be as private around these parts.

Mart & Jev_-36

The SFC/YFC group is one raucous gang. That's Tito Andy and Tita Chit in the middle, surrounded by a bunch of brats.

Mart & Jev_-40

I just had to slip a shot with me in it!hahaha

Mart & Jev_-41

Mart & Jev_-42

Mart & Jev_-44

All in all, it was a nice ceremony. The couple did their vows and we could only pray they keep them. Both of them are nice so that shouldn't be a problem especially with the YFC/SFC/CFC influence. :)

Anyways, here are some photos from the reception.

Mart & Jev_-49

Mart & Jev_-57

Mart & Jev_-52

Mart & Jev_-51

Mart & Jev_-54

In behalf of the Fotomoments team, together with Jude and Jaydee, I would like to congratulate Mart and Jev for the successful wedding. We hope that, with God's help, you will cherish the love you share for the rest of your lives. Rest assured us your friends will always be here to help you pray that is! (hehehe)

There are more photos at my Flickr site. Please click here.

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1 comments Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wedding Photographer Ryan Macalandag
Assistant Photographer Jude Montejo

Francis and Grace got married last August 16, 2008 at the Lourdes Parish (or K of C for you old-timers) in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Preperatations (and reception after the weddings) was done at Bohol Tropics Resort.

Francis-Grace Wedding-3

Just before we all left for the church, we had a few minutes taking group photos out by the driveway. The sun was high up but I managed to tone down the shadows a bit by waiting for the blotches of shade made by clouds idly hovering up above.

Francis-Grace Wedding-4

Francis-Grace Wedding-19

Photos above shows the sisters. Below are Grace's mom and dad. Her dad was especially delightful. Always cracking jokes and fooling around. Probably to keep the mom from crying.

Francis-Grace Wedding-17

The beautiful bridesmaids and maid-of-honor together with the bride.

Francis-Grace Wedding-18

Here are some detail shots.

Francis-Grace Wedding-11

Francis-Grace Wedding-12

Francis-Grace Wedding-16

The Lourdes Church has majestically high roof system and huge windows which makes for a bright interior. The Jesus Christ sculpture centerpiece is a work of a well-renowned Boholano artist, Napoleon Abueva.

Francis-Grace Wedding-5

Francis-Grace Wedding-7

Francis-Grace Wedding-23

Francis-Grace Wedding-8

The couple's first dance.

Francis-Grace Wedding-25

The bride with her father, sharing some laughs.

Francis-Grace Wedding-28

Francis-Grace Wedding-30

This last piece is one of the gems that I shot for this wedding. I think it truly captured the joyous atmosphere and more importantly, the love that Francis and Grace shared and felt during that day.

Francis-Grace Wedding-26

To view the couple's prenuptial photos, please click here.

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